Emily’s First Solo Holiday Part 06

After about 45 minutes Luke told me to go and see if the jet-ski people were there, that he wasn’t thinking of having another go on one, it was just an excuse for me to walk passed all the clothed people. I smiled and got to my feet.

And wow, were there a lot of clothed people, most of them crammed into one area like sardines in a tin. I didn’t know how anyone could restrict themselves like that.

I got quite a few people looking at me. I imagined that the men were looking with lust in their mind, and the women with either disgust or jealousy. I almost wanted to go up to the women with disgust written across their faces and bend over in front of them and twerk my bare butt in their faces then say,

“You’re jealous because you’ve filled your face so much that you’re now fat and ugly and everyone would laugh at you if you took your clothes off.” 

Or the slim ones,

“You’re a mug to believe all that religious crap about the human body, it’s beautiful and should be celebrated not hidden.”

Anyway, enough of the problems of the clothed people, the jet-skis were there at the water’s edge but no one was looking after them, and when I looked over to the shed like construction where Luke had talked to the men the previous day, the doors were closed. As I wasn’t intending to hire one I wasn’t bothered so I turned around and headed back.

As I walked I thought about coming back on my own in 2 or 3 days and maybe hiring one and asking one of the young men to take me for a spin so that I could put my hands on his cock. I laughed at the though of me me holding his boner and leaning it 1 way or another to get the jet-ski to turn that way, like steering it with with a gaming joystick. 

Back with the guys I had a drink of water then flopped down on my back. No sooner than I had started to relax Harry told me to go and have a swim, so I did, and when I got out he stopped me just as my feet were leaving the water.

“Lay down their Emily, that way you can keep your feet in the water and stay cool.”

That sounded like a good idea, and with my feet spread wide my pussy would still be on display.

A few people walked by and looked down at me, 2 young men taking a diversion into the water to look at me from beyond my feet. Then I had an idea, what if I were to swing my legs up and over and get into the position where I can lick my own pussy, Then my pussy really would be on full display, and close to the people walking by.

I smiled as I swung my legs up and got into position and stayed there looking out to sea and the yachts that had arrived for the day. It wasn’t long before people walking along the water’s edge got to me and just had to look at the body that was in such a strange position.

No one said anything but I’m damn sure that they looked down and saw my pussy and butt hole. I say that no one said anything, but the 2 young men who walked by earlier came back, probably having had an eyeful of the women who were sunbathing naked. When the saw me they decided to stop right next to me and look at the yachts. Well that was where they were looking when I looked up at them.

After a couple of minutes one of the said, in English,

“Are you alright young lady? That position doesn’t look very comfortable.”

“Yes thank you, it’s quite comfortable thanks. Great view isn’t it?”

“What?” The same young man asked.

“The yachts, there’s one hell of a lot of money out there. What did you think that I meant?”

The other young man wasn’t quite so polite and asked,

“Can you lick yourself?”

“That’s a bit personal isn’t it? I mean asking a young girl if she can lick her own pussy.”

“So can you?”

“Wow,” I thought, this guy doesn’t mess about.”

I was just about to tell him that I could when I heard, 

“That’s none of your business guys, please can you leave my little sister alone?”

Neither of the guys was anywhere as near tall as Luke and when they turned to see him they both just turned and walked away. Luke squat down beside me and said,

“You are unbelievable Emily, a one-off, I’ve never even seen porno films with girls doing what you do in such public places. I wish that you lived near where I do.”

That last bit surprised me and after a few seconds thinking I replied,

“Yes, it would be nice to have a permanent fuck buddy who would indulge my needs, but I, we can get away with things here that we just couldn’t in England.”

“I think that the weather has a lot to do with that but there must be opportunities in England, I guess that it’s just a question of finding them.”

“Maybe, maybe I should just move to Ibiza?”

“That would be nice, for both of us, but it’s just not as easy as it sounds.”

“Unfortunately not.”

Then Luke moved in front of me and put his arms under each side of my back and lifted me up in the air.

“Stop Luke,”I shouted, “put me down, you might hurt me.”

I needn’t have worried because he gently pit me down on top of Harry who didn’t even flinch at my weight suddenly being plonked down on his stomach. As soon as I’d unravelled myself I got to my feet closely followed by Harry who picked me up and put me over his shoulder. He then walked into the sea before throwing me off his shoulder.

When I surfaced he told me that he was going to fuck me. I smiled and swam to where it would be deep enough for Harry to stand and fuck me without it being too obvious that we were fucking. As he walked between my spread legs he fingered me then said,

“Ready for me then, but there again there hasn’t been a time when you weren’t all nice and wet.”

I smiled as his cock entered me and he brought us both to an orgasm (11) at the same time.

I hadn’t seen Will wading out to join us but he was there between my legs within seconds of Harry withdrawing. When I did see him my first reaction was to worry about him trying to fuck my asshole without any lubrication, I was sure that it would really hurt. Then I was pleased to feel his cock entering my vagina. 

He rammed in and out of me so fast that he came quite quickly, leaving me unsatisfied. 

When Will withdrew and pushed me away I looked around for Luke, expecting him to want his turn, and hopefully satisfy me, but he was still sat on the beach. I was disappointed but I did expect Luke to take me sometime soon. I swam around for a short while, just relaxing and enjoying everything.

When I went ashore and lay between Harry and Luke, Luke moving his legs to one side so that I could open mine. Then we all just lay there soaking up the sun.

I actually dozed off, apparently for quite a while, and when I awoke Luke said,

“Good dream?”

“Err yes, sorry for falling asleep, I don’t want any of you to miss an opportunity to ravish my little body.”

“That’s okay, Will has been out of it for the last hour as well. Did you know that you cum in your sleep?”

“No, really, was I moaning and my body jerking about?”

“Yep, and your right hand was busy too.”

“You let me masturbate out here, on a public beach? No I didn’t, tell me that you’re joking.”

“Oh yes you did.”

“Oh no I didn’t.”

“Seriously Emily, you did.”

“Oh my gawd. I wonder if I’ve done it before?”

“I guess that you’ll never know, maybe you could ask your Ex?”

“No chance, I never want to see him again.”

“You looked cute rubbing away with your right hand and your left hand abusing your right nipple.” Harry added.

“Thanks Harry.”

I looked over Harry to Will and saw that he was naked, and he had a boner.

“When did Will strip? I took him to be the shy one.”

“He is, we took his shorts off after he went to sleep.” Harry replied.

“He’ll be pissed when he wakes up.” I said.

“He’ll be embarrassed too when he finds his dried cum on his chest.”

“I hope that you’re not going to blame me?” I asked.

“No, we’re going to tell him that it was the cutest woman we can see when he wakes up.”

“He’ll love you.”

“He’ll be thinking about it for years because he won’t have the courage to go and ask the woman.” Luke added.

I smiled and checked down the front of my body to make sure that I didn’t have any dried cum on me.


Harry was right, when Will woke up he was embarrassed that he had a boner that was on full display to everyone on the beach. He quickly pulled his shorts on and turned onto his stomach. He was even more embarrassed when Harry told him that a gorgeous woman had come and wanked him. At first Will didn’t believe Harry but when Harry pointed to the dried cum on his chest Will was both confused and embarrassed.

“Luke,” Will asked, “is Harry talking crap again or did it really happen?”

“Sorry mate, we just let her get on with it, jealous that she didn’t pick on Harry or me.”

“It wasn’t you was it Emily?”

“No Will, I was asleep at the time, it’s a shame that she didn’t come and eat my pussy as well.”

There was a long silence from Will and I looked at Luke and Harry who, somehow, had both managed to keep a straight face.

We lay there for about another hour with me watching the people walking by and willing them to look over to me and my spread legs. Then Luke said,

“Well I hate to bring things to an end folks but we should really be heading off back, the Jeep has to be back before 6 o’clock”

“Yes, I’ve enjoyed being your sex slave for these last 4 days, I’m sure that I’ve cum more times during these 4 days than I have in the last few years.”

“And you’re going to cum again Emily,” Harry said, “I’m going to fuck you at the Jeep with other people who are leaving watching.”

“Promises, promises.”

“I am.”

“You my girl are going to stand in front of that Jeep, bend over and put your hands on that Jeep and you are going to get my cock up your hole.”

“Yes please.”

“And I might just ram mine up your butt straight after Harry has done with you.” Will added.

I wasn’t looking forward to that last bit as I just knew that it would hurt me. Also I was wondering if Luke was going to do anything to me.

As it was, the Jeep was parked in a relatively quiet part of the car park and I didn’t see anyone watching when Harry got me to bend over. Harry was good, he got just the right angle to make it a good one for me and I orgasmed (12) just before he did.

I was grateful that Will rubbed the end of his cock up and down my dripping slit a few times before attacking my butt hole and it only hurt a little. As he was pounding in and out of me I was trying to decide if I wanted more butt fucking or if what Will had given me was enough. I didn’t come to a conclusion, possibly because I heard some strange voices behind me. 

It was a group of 4 young men and they were talking in a mixture of Spanish and English. One bit tat I did understand was that 1 of the was telling Will to give it to me hard. I don’t think that he could have rammed into me any harder, as it was I felt his balls slap on my pussy each time that he rammed in to me.

I didn’t cum that time either.

For some unknown reason, Luke didn’t partake in the fun and he just watched.

We stopped for petrol on way back to San Antonio and discovered that the pump was one of those where you have to pre-pay for your fuel. The guys were smiling as Luke gave me some money and told me to go and pay for it, totally naked. The problem was that I / we didn’t know how much fuel it would take to fill it up so I ended up going into the shop twice. The first time I had to explain that we didn’t know how much fuel we need and that we wanted to fill it up. I offered the smiling girl some money but she refused saying that it was okay to pay after we had taken what we needed.

In a way I was glad that her English was good because it meant that I was in and out quicker, but at the same time I wanted it to take much, much longer so that the other customers could get a longer look at me.

Funnily enough, the customers that were there when we arrived were still at the pumps after I’d been into the shop the second time to pay. What’s more, a couple of cars were queueing to get to the pumps. A little convoy of vehicles left the filling station behind us. 

I thought that it might be fun to stand up on the seat and wave at them but then decided that it probably wasn’t a good idea.

At the car hire place Luke parked the Jeep with the car hire man watching us. Luke told me to get our belongings out of the lock box and as I was doing so I got 1 of my strings only thongs out of my bag and left it in the lock box as a little present for the man and I wondered if he’d use it as wanking material or just dump it.

I waited to put some clothes on and watched as the car hire man and Luke went round the Jeep looking to see if we’d done any damage to it, which we hadn’t, then as they were sorting something out I put on the same clothes that I took off that morning. 

We headed off back to the hotel where the security guard gave me a filthy look but didn’t stop me.

“One last nice meal tonight Emily.” Luke said as I opened my room door.

“That would be nice.” I replied.

I went in and opened the door to the balcony wondering if I’d see Dani and Wren but they must have been out somewhere. I looked down to the swimming pool but I couldn’t see them.

Surprise, surprise (not) the guys came into my room whilst I was in the bathroom getting ready to go out, and when I emerged on my bed was 1 of my totally see-through, net dresses and a pair of heels. I smiled and asked if I could stop wearing my hair in pigtails.

When Luke said that I could I took the bands off and brushed it straight.

The guys took me to the same Chinese restaurant and whilst we were eating we talked about the last 4 days and what they guys thought were the best parts. They also got me to try to count up the number of orgasms that I’d had over those 4 days. I tried but every time I started for each day one of the guys would say “What about ….. “ and I’d lose count. Luke stopped the counting by saying,

“Let’s just say that Emily had roughly 3 times the number that each of us had, and that takes it to one hell of a lot.” Then he turned to me and continued,

“And I hope that you are lucky enough to beat what must have been a record for you on a number of occasions in the future. It’s been a real pleasure having your company these last 4 days.”

Each of the guys reached over and kissed me on my cheeks, then Luke added that it wasn’t quit over yet for me. There was still 1 night and that 1 of them would be fucking my brains out before I went to sleep that night.

I smiled and wondered which 1 it would be.


I found out when we left the restaurant. Harry and Will turned to walk to where all the bars are and Luke grabbed my hand and we started walking back to the hotel.

“We did rock, paper, scissors to see who spends the night with you Emily, and I won.” Luke said with a big grin on his face.

It was a lot more like Luke was making love to me rather than him just fucking me. We took it in turns to go down on each other before he’d take me in 1 position, then we’d have a bit of a rest before starting all over again. It seemed to go on for hours and we heard Harry and Will returning before I eventually went to sleep.










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